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About Us

More than SO SO…

Since year 2000, we have been successfully helping hundreds of enterprises in Hong Kong and China improving their IP communications, security and optimization infrastructure. Moving forward to the new decade, OTT Solutions is proud to reposition ourselves as an expert in the IT industry with special focus in Security and Optimization aspects.

OTT Solutions believe, Security and Optimization become one of the key focuses of enterprises. Security is not just talking about single layer concept such as traditional firewall. Security is much more than that. Security concerns cover infrastructure security, data security, information security, voice security, voip security, SIP security, system security and so on. Enterprises are defining their security strategy and policy in both horizontal and vertical depths. On the other hand, optimization has also become a very hot topic for enterprises because Internet has made the world becomes smaller and smaller, and competitions become keener and keener. And, globalization has made optimization a must consideration in order to maintain the competitiveness.

OTT Solutions has built up our expertise in Security and Optimization (SO) areas in the past decade, and is ready to deliver a much more than SO SO value to our valuable customers.

Safety Policy

- Safety is always the number one rule to follow.

- Dedicated to maintain a safe and healthy working environment.

- Continue to acquire safety knowledge and make sure that satety knowledge is well communicated to all team members.

Envrionmental Policy

OTTL aims at making an environmental concern and protection as one of the integral parts of our business strategy.  We ensure that all works are conducted in an environmentally responsible manner.  To achieve this, the management of the company is committed to developing and maintain the following best practices of environmental management system:

* Complying with all environmental related legislation and applicable guidelines issued by government.
* Allocating sufficient resources to ensure that environmental objectives and targets are met.
* Minimizing possible air, water and noise pollution.
* Striving to reduce environmental impact on the natural world by minimizing waste production and maximizing recycling options.
* Adopting energy efficient management practise and investing in energy saving technologies, where possible.
* Selecting environment-friendly and energy-efficient products and services as far as they are reasonably practicable.
* Sharing environmental experience and knowledge with all concerned parties.
* Seeking continuous improvement in the environmental management system.
* Ensuring all OTTL’s employees act in accordance with the Environmental Policy and the environmental strategy adopted by the Company.